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9cm £1.99 each

1L £3.99 each

10.5cm £2.99 each

Both pots and labels are recyclable!!

POT BEDDING 10.5cm £2.99 each

Trailing fuchsia 

Osteospermum serenity dark purple

Osteospermum compact flower power white

Brachyscome violet

Anthirrinum majus mixed

POT BEDDING 1L £3.99 each

Osteospermum compact flower power purple sun

Osteospermum 3D banana shake

Agyranthemum crested hot pink

Agyranthemum crested yellow

Dianthus flutterby

POT BEDDING 9cm £1.99 each

Lobelia blue

Petunia trailing black

Petunia trailing pink

Petunia trailing yellow


Calibrochoa (mini petunia) can can double red

Calibrochoa (mini petunia) can can sunlight

Calibrochoa (mini petunia) can can double white

Calibrochoa (mini petunia) can can double blue

Calibrochoa (mini petunia) double apricot

Calibrochoa (mini petunia) pinktastic

Bacopa white

Bacopa blue sensation

Bacon golden leaves white

POT BEDDING 14cm £7.49

Heliotropium Nautilus blue 

Kalanchoe red £3.99